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ninian explaining, to a customer, how a telescope works Ninian started a company selling astronomical telescopes and accessories that in over 15 years grew to become an internationally recognised and respected supplier of this equipment.

He became a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society some years ago having been nominated by no less than Sir Patrick himself, and he is a member of the British Astronomical Association and an active committee member of his local Astronomical Society.

He has made appearances on the BBC Sky at Night Television Programme with Sir Patrick, and helped and advised with equipment for the show.

He is a regular contributing consultant to the BBC Sky at Night Magazine as their equipment expert.

As time permits, he gives lectures on various aspects of astronomy and equipment to astronomers, both beginners and more advanced, far and wide, and regularly takes part in a BBC Radio Solent and Southern Counties Radio program as well as lecturing to the public at 2 different Planetariums.

Over the years he has realised that there is a great thirst for knowledge and help from how to find things once you have a telescope to how to set it up in the first place and much more besides.

He is often overwhelmed with phone calls and emails asking for help and advice and has heard the constant complaint that while there are loads of web sites packed with information out there, too many of them are very baffling to most people, so Astronomy Know How was born to fill that gap.

The site is designed to present astronomical information in plain english with pictures and videos to help explain things in a clear and easy manner. Some of it's free, some of it you pay for and it is slowly growing all the time.