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How to Become An Expert Solar Imager and take and process images like the professionals

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Dear Fellow Astronomer

I'm sure that you have seen amazing pictures of the Sun in magazines and on the Internet taken by amateur astronomers and wondered how they have done it.

Or maybe you didn't know where to start, or what equipment you would need, or perhaps you were too frightened after all the warnings you have received about observing the Sun....

...well we can show what equipment you need and how you can produce images to be proud of, all in plain simple English.

So how can you take a picture of the Sun?

Pete Lawrence and myself (Ninian Boyle) have collaborated on this new online course to answer these questions and many more besides.

Pete Lawrence is one of the worlds best solar imagers and has had many of his images published in magazines and on the Internet. He is a co-presenter of the BBC Sky at Night television programme with Sir Patrick Moore and a major contributor to the BBC Sky at Night Magazine. He has many NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) images to his credit and regularly has his solar images published on 'Space'.

Ninian Boyle is an experienced astronomer and astronomy educator. His speciality is in astronomical equipment. He ran the telescope dealership 'Venturescope' for fifteen years, and has experience in setting up and installing astronomical observatories and now devotes his time to bringing the wonderful hobby of astronomy to a wider audience. He is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and a member of the British Astronomical Association. Ninian is also an enthusiatic Solar observer and imager.

We originally ran this course at a planetarium in southern England and it had such a fantastic reception on the day, with many other people wanting to come along but couldn't due to distance and timing, that we decided to turn it into a product that we could send out to desperate and confused would be solar imagers. In fact we have produced what we believe is the ultimate course on Solar Imaging, that will give you all the information that you need, from what equipment you can use and how to set it up, right through to acquiring the images and the final processing to give you results that you can be proud to show the world!

Starting with information on what type of imaging you can do, whether it be white light imaging or using the more interesting modern hydrogen-alpha filters and telescopes, we take you through the whole process step by step. The course contains:
  • Over 2 1/2 Hours of Instructional Video from what to use through to the final processing
  • links to FREE software - all that you'll need to process and finalise your images - saving you hours trawling the Internet to find it
  • Example images and videos supplied by Pete for you to practice on so you can make your mistakes in safety!
Because this course contains not only the instructional video but also the software (PC only) and practice files, we recommend that you only use it on a Windows PC or PC emulator.

You'll get some never before revealed secrets

I managed to persuade Pete to part with some of his image processing secrets. So for the first time ever, he has agreed to have some truly remarkable techniques that he uses available to you. In fact one of these techniques is nothing short of revolutionary!

All this information from such professionals would ordinarily cost hundreds of pounds or dollars.
  • If you want to know how to take white light images with a Digital SLR camera the information is here
  • Not sure about how to set up the equipment? We'll show you how for reliable results every time
  • Puzzled by how to mount a solar telescope to a different manufacturers mount? The answer's here
  • Safety is always paramount - we'll give you a check list to avoid hazards
  • Need some tips on achieving good focus? They are in the video
  • Tips and Tricks - we'll make sure you avoid the common mistakes most beginners make
  • What's the best time of day to carry out your imaging runs? We'll give you the answer with an explanation as to why
  • Never used video processing software? The step by step guide will have you using it with confidence in no time at all
  • How do you orientate your camera for consistent results? We'll show you a simple technique
  • Do you want to take a'whole disc' image of the Sun but it won't all fit in the frame? You'll get clear instruction as to how you can do it
  • Working on a tight budget? We'll give you the information that you need to spend your equipment budget wisely and save you hundreds of pounds

Others have suggested that we charge over £100 ($160) for all this information

However, we would like you to benefit from all this valuable information at a price that most people can afford, so we've decided to let you have it all for just £35.00 ($57)...

We're not done yet....
We are so confident that you'll be so pleased and learn so much from your course that we are willing to back it up with a 6 Month guarantee

Full 6 Months money back guarantee

Thatís right, you have 6 months to watch and evaluate the course and if at the end of that time you can honestly tell us that you have not learnt anything useful we will give you a prompt and courteous refund

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Please note: We recommend this course is used on a Windows PC ONLY (the software provided is for PCs and because there are practice files for you to use as well as the software. The video file is large and so we also recommend you have a good Broadband connection for uninterupted viewing.

Wishing you Clear Skies - both day and night.
Ninian Boyle and Pete Lawrence

Ninian Boyle

Pete Lawrence

Imge by Pete Lawrence
Detail from an image taken in June 2010 by Pete using a Solarscope SF70 Double Stack Filter

Imge by Ninian Boyle
Full disk taken in March 2010 by Ninian using a Coronado Solarmax Telescope

Imge by Pete Lawrence
Detail from an image taken in June 2010 by Pete using a Solarscope SF70 Double Stack Filter

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