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Here you can sign up to receive these unique video guides to what's up in the skies for the coming months. Don't miss another 'must see' event! Ninian will show you around the skies using clever technology. It is almost like he's standing next to you.

Now you have an opportunity to have an expert astronomer by your side. These short videos, released at the end of every month for the month ahead gives you up to date information on what's up in the night sky that's worth seeing AND how best to see it all.

These videos are probably the most easily accessible way to familiarise yourself with the night sky. They take you on short trips packed with useful information, with clear explanations and soothing unobtrusive background music, to help get you in touch with the wonders of the heavens from your own back yard. They are designed to compliment the monthly FREE Newsletter which Ninian produces, but they are perfect as a stand-alone guide too.

The videos take ages to make and have taken months of development, but Ninian simply loves doing it. There is a very small charge to help cover the costs of producing them. It really should be a lot, lot more!

If you would like to see a FREE sample; a video which covers the best sights in the night skies for February 2016, please click on the start button here...

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