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Discover How To Save Yourself Endless Hours Of Frustration -- and Avoid Spending Hundreds on Unnecessary Equipment -- When You Learn To Use Your Telescope With Help From the BBC's "Sky At Night Magazine" Expert!

You'll be Navigating the Night Sky Like a Pro In Just Days When You Follow This Step by Step Guide

From Ninian Boyle
Saturday July 13th 2024

Dear Budding Astronomer

Have you ever looked up into the night sky and wondered just what you were looking at?

Or have you gone as far as getting yourself a pair of binoculars or a telescope and then finding that it was not as easy as you thought?

Well, Iíll show you how to unlock the secrets of astronomy and the mysteries of telescopes to get you started in the exciting adventure of exploring your universe and with this newly learned knowledge you will become a confident and enthusiastic astronomer.

Using simple, practical and time saving methods I will show you how you can quickly become experienced and competent in using your telescope and in finding your way around the night sky.

And you will easily absorb many insider tips and techniques, knowledge that took me years to build up, that will help you with everything from buying your first telescope to seeing some of those more difficult but interesting objects out deep in space.

If you've ever asked yourself
any of these questions...

Which telescope should I buy?
Can I use binoculars for astronomy?
Why are all the stars whizzing past?
How do I know what I'm looking at up there?
How do I read a star chart?
Which eyepiece should I use?
Will a filter help me see better?
How do I align my mount?
What are RA and DEC?
What can I expect to see with my telescope?
How can I take a photograph through my telescope?
Can I use my telescope to look at the sun?

Then I can help you...

When I first started out in astronomy I had to learn all these things the hard way! I've spent hundreds of hours using telescopes and digging through libraries and thousands of pounds in buying equipment to learn everything I am going to tell you so you don't have to take all that time and spend all that money!

So who am I?

My name is Ninian Boyle and since the age of seven I have had a passion for astronomy that was sparked by reading a book by Patrick Moore (now Sir Patrick!).

Ninian explaining, to a customer, how a telescope works When I grew up, I started a company selling astronomical telescopes and accessories that in over 11 years has grown to become an internationally recognised and respected supplier of this equipment.

I became a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society some years ago having been nominated by no less than Sir Patrick himself, and I am a member of the British Astronomical Association and an active committee member of my local Astronomical Society.

I have made appearances on the BBC Sky at Night Television Programme with Sir Patrick, and help and advise with equipment for the show. I am a regular contributing consultant to the BBC Sky at Night Magazine as their equipment expert.

As time permits, I give lectures on various aspects of astronomy and equipment to astronomers, both beginners and more advanced, far and wide, regularly take part in a BBC Radio Solent and Southern Counties Radio program, and lecture to the public at 2 different Planetariums.Ninian with some of the people attending his class at the Planetarium

Finding that I kept being asked the same questions over and over again, I started to run a night class at my local Planetarium.

Now in its sixth year the course is still as popular as ever for local astronomers but obviously there are many disappointed people who live too far away, but still want to do the course.

So I decided to make it more widely available on the internet - and to stop my wife complaining about being a telescope widow!

Read some comments from people just like you who have gained from the course...

RA and DEC explained at last!

Astronomy is a fascinating and complex subject. My wife and I decided to do the course before spending our hard earned cash on equipment.

We learnt what we needed to know thank's to Ninan's 40 year's of experience, and excellent presentation.

We even understand RA and DEC now thanks to the fantastic animation!

We can thoroughly recommend the e-course to all novice astronomers.

John Walton, Portsmouth, UK

Well written and fascinating

Great course, very informative for me as a beginner, with lots of practical information on choosing and using your telescope.

I would recommend the course which is well written and fascinating!

Cathy Robinson, Brighton. UK

Invaluable Advice

the course as a whole was tremendous i now understand that a telescope is not just two pieces of glass for looking through.

the graphics are a vast improvement on the original course and your advice on the types of accessories is invaluable and will save a lot of people unnecessary spending.

my only down side to the course is that i dont have any interest in the photography side of astronomy but i am sure that the content will be of use to a lot of people

. keep up the good work

Malcolm Davies, Gtr Manchester. UK

Professional and accessible presentation

I have studied the course over the last week or so and congratulate you on a very professional and accessible presentation.

Noel Adams, Mr Radstock, Somerset. UK

All the information accessible in one place

Overall- excellent.

All the basics for beginners in observational astronomy are included and having all the information accessible in one place is particularly useful.

Richard Piechowski, Buckinghamshire. UK

Well Organised

I liked the fact that the course was well organised in short but very interesting chapters.

The pictures and 'movies' where very clarifying. More of these in the next version of the course would be nice.

The quizess a the end of the chapters were sometimes very funny!

I did not like the fact that the course does not guarantee clear skies :-)

Seriously, I enjoyed the course very much and will go over it again I'm sure. It'sa pity it gets dark so late in July.

From Mark Westerhuis, drenthe. Netherlands

Excellent Customer Care

First I would again like to thank both Ninian and Sue for your quick, patient and courteous responses to my several computer problems.

Overall the Astronomy-E course was concise, comprehensive and clearly presented.

I will be referring back to this course frequently as I beging using my telescope more often.

From Jack McMahon, Cork. Ireland

Some of the problems and questions that I have dealt with over the years will amaze you...

"My wife wants me to sell my telescope!". "But why?" I asked, "You only bought it from me last week".

"Well she says I am going to hurt my back moving it around all the time".

I was baffled because when this particular gentleman bought his telescope I had discussed with him where he would keep it and how far he would have to carry it to set it up - something I always check with my customers - and he was quite happy he could cope with it.

"Have you had to keep it somewhere else and carry it further?".

"No, it's moving it all the time to see a different star - after I've done that a few times during an evening it does get to be a strain and you never told me I would have to keep moving it around like that".

Suddenly I realised what he had been doing so I walked over to a similar telescope that I had on show and you should have seen the look on his face when I showed him how to release the clutches on both axes of the telescope mount -

"So you don't have to pick the whole thing up and move it - just swivel the telescope round like this and then fix it where you want".

As one now happy customer went out of the door the phone rang... "I just bought a telescope and I can't see anything through it." After a long discussion it turned out that he had not removed the dust cap from the end of the telescope!

When you are starting out, these are quite easy and understandable mistakes to make, perhaps the same kind of mistakes that you have made yourself, I know in the past that I have! I am often asked other questions which involve lengthier answers such as "How do I collimate my telescope?" and "What do the numbers mean that are written on the eyepieces?".

A favourite one of course is "What is the magnification of this telescope?" and people always seem surprised when I tell them I don't know and then go on to explain that aperture is much more important in an astronomical telescope, so this is one instance where size really does matter!

Of course if you want to be able to work out the magnification of your telescope I will tell you how to do it quickly and easily, and explain why higher magnification is not necessarily better!

Let me confess something...
I remember one instance (long long ago, I hasten to add) when I attempted to polar align a telescope mount. I spent ages lining it all up on the pole star and getting it just so, and was completely confused as to why I couldn't find any of the objects I then wanted to see.

On going back and checking my polar alignment I realised that I had aligned it all on the wrong star and not the pole star at all! By that time, I was frozen and it was so late that my planned evening of observing was over! Since then I have learned how to do it accurately every time, and so will you!

I want to help to stop you making these same basic and avoidable errors and save you many, many hours of frustration and thousands of pounds on the wrong equipment!

Here at last you, the beginner, can find all the information you need in one place to get you started, written in plain English and packed with pictures, diagrams and videos making it easy to understand

This comprehensive course clearly explains all you need to know to get you started on your journey of discovery of the exciting hobby of astronomy. Even Sir Patrick Moore wished he has this when he started out...

You will find it all in my online course
Basic Astronomy With a Telescope
where you will discover...

  • How to buy the telescope that's right for YOU -- save hundreds and hundreds of pounds when you follow this simple guide

  • Everything you need to know about mounts -- don't even THINK about trying to set up your telescope until you have read this!

  • You will never be baffled by the jargon again --understand all those web sites and books!

  • You will be able to look up at the stars and recognize what you see -- amaze you friends with your knowledge!

  • When you are out without a star chart -- you will be able to use an easy way to find your way around

  • You will finally understand those difficult celestial co-ordinates so you can find objects to view quickly -- watch a simple animation that makes RA and DEC easy!

  • How to select the right eyepiece -- save £££

  • What you can REALLY expect to see through your telescope -- save yourself from disappointment

  • You will understand all those measurements -- and why you need them

  • Discover insider tips and tricks to see Deep Sky Objects more easily!

  • How to take beautiful pictures -- stun your friends and family with your astro photographs

  • How to see more as you discover how to preserve your Night Vision

  • You can learn in your own time -- no-one's checking your progress!

  • What to use to improve your viewing -- and save your pocket!

  • How to save yourself money on accessories!

  • Aids you can use find your desired object -- finderscopes and pointing aids explained.

  • An easy method to obtain perfect focus every time!

  • That using binoculars can save you time learning your way around -- and which are the best binoculars for astronomy

  • You can use the quick reference guide when you are out observing

  • A fun way to reinforce your new knowledge -- take the lighthearted online quiz at the end of every chapter

With this gold mine of information, believe me, you will save yourself thousands of pounds. You won't buy the wrong equipment to start with and you won't need to buy lots of books to explain how it works!

On top of all this, you will save yourself hours and hours of time trawling the internet and reading books to try and understand the basic concepts.

And you can be sure that telescope dealers will only sell you the telescope you need, and not the one they make the most money selling!

So, why didn't I just write a book? Because with the online e-course I could pack in loads of pictures and animations and video to help clearly explain some of the concepts that are just plain difficult to do in print.

You can watch Sir Patrick Moore wishing that he had this course when he started out...

My Forty Years of Experience in Astronomy
Is Yours Risk Free

Here's the best news of all: you can take advantage of an extraordinary offer.

This course was many months in the making. Because I love astronomy so much, it really wasn't a hardship, but it was a huge time commitment.

I spoke to lots of beginners to find out what they needed to know and conducted online surveys to discover what you were finding difficult.

I went back to my books and trawled the internet into the small hours, and drew heavily on all my years of experience to gather together all the information you need into one place to provide you with a wealth of information.

I wanted to be sure that you had all of the tips and tricks that took me years to discover.

Then, I fired up my computer and began to write and produce the videos, animations, diagrams and pictures that make up the course as I want it to be a truly valuable guide for YOU, the budding astronomer.

And now you can have all this at a great price....

So, you now see why my family thinks I should be selling this resource for a very high price. They know how much time, thought and effort went into it. And they know that people pay me over £125 to teach all this at my nightclass.

However I persuaded them that because I don't have to physically send you anything, I could let you have it at a much reduced price and we agreed on £99...

...but I get so excited, I can't wait to get you started in this wonderful and awe inspiring hobby, and I wanted to get the course out there even quicker so they agreed I could drop the price even further for a short while...

...so you can download this amazing information packed course in the next few minutes not for the usual £99 price tag, but for a mere £67.

Depending upon how it affects sales, I may or may not continue the special price after Saturday July 20th so act today to ensure you get your £32 discount!

But wait there's more...

... I am throwing in 7 exciting FREE bonuses worth £99...

7 Super BONUS Reports, Yours to Keep
-- No Matter What You Decide!

Super Bonus #1

Measurement Learn a quick measuring method to enable you to navigate the night sky without using complex equipment

Discover a quick and simple system, that you will always have to hand, to easily work out measurements in the night sky. Want to know how far an object is above the horizon tonight? This chart will show you how!

Super Bonus #2

Setting up an EQ1 or EQ2 Mount Set up an EQ1 or EQ2 Mount quickly and easily so you start observing faster

If you own an EQ1 or EQ2 Equatorial Mount and are having trouble setting it up and polar aligning it, or maybe you lost the instruction manual, then you need this step-by-step guide to setting up and Polar Aligning the EQ1 or EQ2 Mounts including how to do this in both the Northern and the Southern hemisphere. This helpful and easy to read instruction sheet with clear diagrams will ensure perfect set up every time!

Super Bonus #3

Filters How and when to use filters to improve your viewing

Open your eyes to the discoveries you can make by simply adding a filter to your eyepiece. If you want to know what a moon filter is and when and how to use it, or how to enhance your view of Jupiter, then this guide is for you. I'll also tell you about all the other filters on the market and how and when to use them.

Super Bonus #4

Set up an EQ3-2 or EQ3 Mount quickly and easily Clear instruction to set up an EQ3 or EQ4/5 Mount without fuss

Here you have another simple guide to setting up and Polar Aligning the larger and more complicated EQ3 or EQ4/5 Mounts, again including how to do this in both the Northern and the Southern hemisphere. This straightforward guide will have you "up and running" in no time and you can print it to take it to your telescope mount!

Super Bonus #5

Solar Observing - SafelyHow to observe the Sun while protecting your eyesight!

Observe your nearest star safely! Find out what you can expect to see and discover which filters you can use, and what you MUST do to enable you to observe our sun in complete safety, sure in the knowledge that your eyesight will be protected at all times!

Super Bonus #6

Seeing Why you need to know how bright are the stars?

In this Introduction to Stellar Magnitude you will start your journey back in the year 2BC and travel to the present day to see how astronomers talk about stellar magnitude, how they calculate it and why it is important to you when you are looking for something!

Super Bonus #7

Seeing ??????????????????????????????

When you finish the course you can download the 7th mystery bonus as long as you give me some feedback about the course!

Your comments help me to continually improve the course so please tell me what you liked, didn't like, or if there is anything else you would like to see added.

Every time I update the course you will get an email telling you where you can download the latest version -- FREE OF CHARGE

Imagine being able to try out the course without any risk. Now it's a reality!

I am so confident that you will find this e-course useful and that it will teach you so much to ensure you have many productive hours of observing that I am prepared to offer you a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for 6 whole months!

Thatís right, you have 6 months to study and evaluate the e-course and if at the end of that time you can honestly tell me that you have not learnt anything useful I will give you your money back in full and close the course, no quibbles!

Remember you still keep the 7 super bonuses even if you claim your refund!

Start Studying Your E-Course Now!

Claim your copy of Basic Astronomy with a Telescope E-Course now along with your SEVEN free bonuses worth £99 for the special price of only £67.00.

Don't forget that after this marketing test ends Saturday July 20th the price for the book and the bonuses could change back to £99, and you will have missed this opportunity for ever!

My friends and family will probably be happier knowing that I have retained my sanity but your opportunity to get this valuable information at this fantastic price will have passed.

So download your e-course now - I'd hate you to miss out!

You can start right now learning with confidence to becoming an enthusiastic and competent amateur astronomer armed with all the tools you will need to go forward with this fascinating hobby!

It's Totally Risk-free and Yours in Moments...

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Wishing you Clear Skies
Ninian Boyle FRAS

PS Donít forget that when you download the e-course the bonuses are yours to keep even if you make use of my money back guarantee

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